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PPC Flower Officials

(aka Upstairs, TPTB, Administration)

(See also Artemis's wonderful PPC Department and Agent List for links to departments.)

The Sunflower Official
Department of Mary Sues
The Marquis de Sod
Director of Personnel
The Wisteria
Head of Operations

The Sub Rosa
Department of Intelligence
Admiral Pansy
Department of Bad Parody
The Bonsai Mallorn
Department of
Geographical Aberrations

The Kudzu Vine
Department of
Fictional Psychology
Dr. Freedenberg
Department of
Fictional Psychology
Dr. Fitzgerald
Medical Department

The Tiger Lily
Department of Internal Affairs
The Poison Ivy
Special Elven Unit (SIELU)
The Daffodil
Bad Roleplay Department

The Big Thorn
Disturbing Acts of
Violence Department (DAVD)
The Reannual
Department of Improbabilities
The Ironwood
Department of Sufficiently
Advanced Technology

The Venus Flytrap
Department of Plagiarism
The Saffron Crocus
Department of
Author Correspondence
The Cattail
Department of
Multiple Offenses

The Hippie Sequoia
Division of Star Trek: TNG
The Lichen
Department of
Implausible Crossovers
The Monkey Puzzle Tree
Special Operations Department

The Waterlily Commander
Department of
Misplaced Flora & Fauna
The Thistle
Department of
Mary Sue Experiments
The Fern
Legal Department

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Photos taken secretly by Agent Nenya, 2003-04. The PPC belongs to Jay and Acacia,
especially the SO, the Daisy, the Kudzu Vine, and any other Flowers mentioned in TOS.