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PPC Departments and Agents

Department of Mary Sues

Head of Department: Sunflower Official (SO)

Lord of the Rings/Tolkien
Agent Jay - LotR (Retired)
Agent Acacia - LotR (Retired)
Agent Nenya Gabriel
Agent Rosie Cotton Bomull
Agent Constance Sims
Agent Halley
Agent Talia
Agent Steve Dimond
Agent Erin Mirestone
Agent Maralys Deeppockets
Agent Mary Sue
Agent Vemi
Agent Penny
Agent Roxie Heart
Agent Curare
Agent Minerva
Agent Jared Calinson
Agent *Katrina*
Agent Swarmpy
Agent Laurie
Agent Kass
Agent Alex Orange
Agent Sam Apple
Agent Zera
Agent Aerilyn
Agent Hal
Agent Chana
Agent Ral Grey
Agent Kat Thatch
Agent Emma
Agent Kate
Agent Threnody
Agent Jaster
Agent Oracle
Agent Apollo
Agent Bane
Agent Tazel
Agent Yukio Ambrose
Agent Fin
Agent Scarg Randison
Agent Ellipsis
Agent Olwey

David Eddings
Agent Dimitria Arch
Agent Anna Rint

His Dark Materials
Agent Chelsea
Agent Allie
Agent Annalas

Procurement Division
Agent Lea Fields
Agent Alexandra (Alex)

Harry Potter
Agent Ekwy
Agent Milano
Agent Nea
Agent Loki
Agent Joe Bob Brentwood
Agent Zaneth
Agent *Katrina*
Agent Swarmpy
Agent BriRi
Agent Val
Agent Kalmte

Power Rangers
Agent Chaos
Agent Jamie Shield

Pirates of the Caribbean
Agent Jira Foley
Agent Schmuckleigh

Agent Viv
Agent Marie

Agent WyldeHorse
Agent Kageru
Agent Hern
Agent Cygna Hoshiko
Agent Janet Ackerly
Agent Mary Lane

Sailor Moon
Agent Seirei
Agent Hikari
Agent Chigiri

Agent Rhysdux
Agent Honorificus

Final Fantasy
Agent Kirsten
Agent Tyler
Agent Lupeias
Agent Sanguine

The Matrix
Agent Achren
Agent Obsidian
Agent Jennifer
Agent Raen

Tamora Pierce
Agent Kyra
Agent Tormod
Agent Isilya
Agent Isabel
Agent Cat
Agent Shirina

Forgotten Realms
Agent Drarry
Agent Millie
Agent Chaos

Generic Sci-Fi
Agent David
Agent Denise

Agent Kara
Agent Spick

Agent Eogan

Dragonriders of Pern
Agent Maelor
Agent Akhana

Garth Nix
Agent Tarielle
Agent Matredo

Bleeding Hearts Unit
Agent Evelen
Agent Rumour

Agent Soul
Agent Caradas
Agent Madeline


Department of Author Correspondence

Head of Department: Saffron Crocus

Agent Ella
Agent Claudia
Iluuvatar the mini-Balrog
Aru the mini-Balrog


Department of Personnel

Head of Department: Marquis de Sod

Secretary: Agent Quen
Agent Andrew Bender


Department of Redundancy Department

Head of Department: The Coriander

Agent Sparticus
Agent Mary Sue


Repetitive Department of Repetition

Head of Department: The Cilantro

Agent Mary Sue


SIELU (Special Elven Unit)

Head of Department: The Poison Ivy

Agent Lambda


Bad Roleplay Department

Head of Department: Daffodil

Agent Halley
Agent Talia
Agent Archer
Agent Kira
Farmir the mini-Balrog
Celborn the mini-Balrog


Department of Implausible Crossovers

Head of Department: Lichen

Agent Kit
Agent Rumor
Agent Talisa
BK the Irregular
The Lovely Beta
Agent Jack
Agent Annie

Agent Dez
Agent Seren
Agent T'Pira
Agent Gon


Department of Geographical Aberrations (DoGA)

Head of Department: Bonsai Mallorn

Agent Dafydd
Agent Selene
Agent Takua
Agent Nazurk
Thanduril the mini-Balrog
Witchking the mini-Balrog


Department of Multiple Offenses

Head of Department: Cattail

Lord of the Rings/Tolkien
Agent NytBloomer
Agent Nenya Gabriel
Agent Rosie Cotton


Department of Improbabilities

Head of Department: Reannual

Agent Alec Troven
Agent Verra Rose


Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Head of Department: Hornbeam, the Ironwood tree

Department Secretary Tess
Agent Dann


Department of Intelligence

Director of Intelligence: Sub Rosa, sentient rose bush

Agent Architeuthis


Disturbing Acts of Violence Department (DAVD)

Head of Department: Thornelius Archimedes III, a.k.a. Big Thorn

Lord of the Rings/Tolkien
Agent Dour K
Agent Delta V
Agent Em Morgana
Agent Thalia Weaver
Agent Epsilon
Agent LadyKnight
Agent Chiad
Agent Suzine
Agent Kerosene
Agent Cynical K
Agent Special K
Agent Keen Q
Agent Anwe
Agent Infernal
Agent Busty M
Agent Blue
Agent Amarth
Agent Wraith Leo
Agent Surly D
Agent *That* One
Agent Shadow Rho
Agent Mad H
Agent Rile X

Agent Ginmar


Department of Bad Parody

Head of Department: Admiral Pansy

Troll Division
Agent Saphie Ellings
Agent Marokee Brin
Agent Leelee
Agent Armeniel
Agent Leo


Department of Improbable AUs

Head of Department: ???

Agent Dor


Department of Plagiarism

Head of Department: Venus Fly Trap

Agent Smith
Agent Smith Version 2.0


Department of Bad Slash

Head of Department: Queen Anne's Lace

Lord of the Rings/Tolkien
Agent Luxury
Agent Sean
Agent Tulath
Agent Pablo Dretti

Harry Potter
Agent Dee
Agent Milask

Agent Trojanhorse
Agent Soulshadow


Special Operations Department

Head of Department: Bonsai Monkey-puzzle tree

Agent Lizzard


Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)

Head of Department: Tiger Lily

Agent Dϊros Black
Agent Irvine
Agent Adonis
Agent Leopold
Agent Radix
Agent Kole
Agent Shore


Department of Misplaced Flora and Fauna

Head of Department: The Waterlily Commander

Agent Joe
Agent Mel
Agent Ril
Recruit Endy
Bormir the mini-Balrog
Olliver the mini-Aragog


Department of Mary Sue Experiments

Head of Department: The Thistle

Agent Vemi
Agent Penny
Agent Terrie
Elrhohir the mini-Balrog
Thandriel the mini-Balrog


Department of Character Protective Services

Head of Department: Asphodel

Lord of the Rings
Agent Tweed - Denethor
Agent Pythia - Legolas
Agents Alex & SilentStep - Boromir
Agent Eohric – Peredhil Section – Elrond, El Twins, Celebrian
Agent Millie - Thranduil
Agent Jiri & Feathers - Faramir
Agent Kaitlyn & Chelsea - Pippin/Merry
Agent Erin - Peredhil Section – El Twins
Agent Kara - Gimli
Agent BriRi - Eowyn & Eomer
Agents Katie & Wallace - Aragorn
Agent Alia - Haldir
Agents Swampy & Katrina - Celeborn
Agent Amandalyn - Arwen
Agent Jon - Gollum and Ents
Agent Thalia - Samwise
Agent R. Eaves - Gandalf
Agent Quen - Glorfindel
Agent Mica - The Nine Nazgul
Agent Hawkelf - Elros
Agent Spick - Sauron
Agent Monday – Silm Section Coordinator
Agent Jo - Silm Section
Agent Nin Brandt - Silm Section
Special Agent Lambda – Elf Foster Home

Agent Teena
Agent Takashi

Dragonriders of Pern
Agent Erik

Special Agent Ringil – Smiter of Abusive Gits


AV Department

Head of Department: The Rose of Sharon

Agent Frenchie
Agent Adam


Department of Technical Errors

Head of Department: The Uncommon Comma

Head of Linguistics Division: Barbosa the Misspelled Monkey
Head of Grammar Division: Grammer
Agent Mara
Agent Isaiah
Agent Melanin Butterfly
Agent Tiranel van de Kamp


Department of Stereotype

Head of Department: ???

Agent Ethel
Agent Armelle


Department of Fictional Psychology

Head of Department: The Kudzu Vine

Dr. Freedenberg
Nurse Nathonea Dewstan
Nurse Constance Sims
Agent Jennifer Robinson


Medical Department

Director: Dr. Fitzgerald

Agent Fizz R (DAVD)


Department of Floaters

Head of Department: Floating Hyacinth

Agent Ginger
Agent Chryse
Agent Hrdani
Agent Dorrel
Agent Ninja
Apprentice Aetherschreiber


Department of Bad Quizzes

Head of Department: The Really Big Monkey Puzzle Tree

Agent Michael Ink
Agent Greta
Agent Stardust
Agent Reria


Department of Cool and Unusual Punishment

Head of Department: Sadistic Bladderwrack

Agent Twig-Onto-And-Amiably-Discourage-Heretic-Plots ("Twiggy") Papaya
Agent Scorpia Lotus
Agent Harriet
Mr. Bagginnse the mini-Balrog


Department of Out of Character Hobbits

Head of Department: The Authoritative Elanor

Agents Maly
Agent Dagmar
Meridac the mini-Balrog
Same the mini-Balrog
Frod the mini-Balrog


Department of WTF

Head of Department: The Snowthorn

Agent Mortic Wentway
Agent Elanor Laison


Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation

Head of Department: The Slaver Sunflower

Agent CAL-9000


Department of Angst

Head of Department: The Aloe Vera

Agent Montbretia
Agent Lasa


Legal Department

Head of Department: Antigravity Apple

Agent Aspen


Other Agents

Agent Bjam - Morale Officer
Agent Kai - Cute Animal Friends™ Adoption Agency Director
Leto - PPC General Store Owner
Gerrick, Janitor
Agent Leas
Agent Hane
Agent Lydia (Jossverse)
Agent Karasunaki
Agent Mariella
Agent Sarah
Agent Dorian

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