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Protectors of the Plot Continuum
Canon Protection Initiative Headquarters

Somewhere Out There In the Meta-Dimensions

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SECTION A: How Do I Join The PPC?

SECTION B: Canon Protection Initiative Staff
             1. List of PPC Departments
             2. Mug Shots of the Bosses

SECTION C: Canon Protection Initiative Records
             1. Agents Jay and Acacia (PPC:TOS)
             2. Agent Reports (PPC Spinoffs)
             3. Personnel Files (PPC on LiveJournal)
             4. Canon Protection Initiative Website
             5. HQ Staff Lounge (Chatroom)

SECTION D: The PPC Basic Charge List
             1. Tolkienverse
             2. Jossverse (Buffy, Angel)
             3. Bishopverse (Black Jewels Trilogy)
             4. Pirates of the Caribbean (DTE-Specific)
             5. Lucasverse (Star Wars)
             6. McCaffreyverse (Pern) *

SECTION E: Tools of the Trade
             1. PPC Useful Technology
             2. The PPC Substance Menu 2.0 (Menu 1.0)

SECTION F: Trophies
             1. The Mary Sue Scalp Belt

SECTION G: Origins of the PPC

This web page is NenyaQuende and Rosie Cotton, 2003-04.
Images and background ByDezign.
The PPC belongs to Jay and Acacia.

Editor's Note: The PPC Handbook has been preserved as a historical document, a snapshot of the PPC c. 2003-04. Links to rehosted materials have been changed accordingly, but content hosted at The Lost Tales will not be updated. For up-to-date information, please visit PPC Wiki.