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Intelligence Briefs for the PPC


Architeuthis scouts out trouble for the Assassins, at high personal risk.

AN: You know the drill: I'm not making any money off this whatsoever. All LotR characters belong to the Tolkien Estate. The PPC was created by Harpwire (a.k.a. Jay and Acacia).


Mission 1 - "The Beginning"
A spy joins the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, plus the "official" definition of Mary Sues.

Mission 2 - "Manic Depressive"
A Mary Sue and an Extra Ringwraith roam Middle-earth, leaving chaos in their wake.

Mission 3 - "Time Will Tell"
One occasionally finds PLEASANT surprises on the job like a GOOD "modern girl goes to Middle-earth" fic.

Mission 4 - "Harry Potter and the One Ring of Power"
The problems with bad crossovers and obnoxious wizards who upstage the locals.

Mission 5 - "Possessed"
"Concerning truly dreadful slash and character assassination."