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Response Center #87

Welcome to Response Center number 87, home of Agents Cocoa and Powder Puff, of the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research. Don't mind the semi-sentient console or the strong smell of rubbing alcohol. They're supposed to be here, we promise. Cocoa and Powder ask that you not bring any food into their home and that you not touch the cabinets. They assure you that you will suffer if you do, and they wish you a good day.
Inhabitants of Response Center number 87

Cocoa Puff: short, bubbly, and in possession of wide brown eyes and bubblegum pink hair, Cocoa is the more insane of the two. Her attention span is approximately 7.25 seconds long except when she's working, and she jumps from one topic to the other without warning. She is very possessive of her supply cabinets and will quite cheerfully smash your fingers in if you touch anything. This is all the warning you get.
Powder Puff: identical to her sister except for the color of her hair, Powder rarely speaks. She is almost as insane as Cocoa but hides it, and people are surprised when she reveals some of her stranger characteristics. She has a sadistic streak a mile wide, and most of the 'Sues who have been in containment at the DMSE&R for a while are terrified of her. She would ask that you knock before coming in and not expect her to always be willing to greet you.
For more complete biographies of the two, please see the PPC wiki. For more complete backstories, you could look here.
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