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The Official PPC: SIELU Charge List

[] Names are meaningless
[] Names have a mix of Quenya and Sindarin
[] Names are those of famous Elves of Old without a very good reason
[] Names are in an illogical language, such as
    () modern name
    () Quenya names for Sylvan Elves and vice versa
    () second name being like of “Silverbranch” or “Quickarrow”, in English
    () Japanese-like name
[] Name in an Elvish language is made up incorrectly
[] Misspelling the name(s) of character(s) created by Tolkien
[] Other (specify)


[] Use of Grey Company Elvish
[] Use of illogical language, such as Quenya for Sylvan Elves
[] Knowledge of English by the Elves
    () use of modern slang by the Elves
[] Grammar mistakes in Elven languages
[] Creating new pseudo-Elvish
[] Other (specify)


[] Altering Elven customs
    () Specifically customs that relate to marriage
    () Specifically customs that relate to child-rearing
    () Other (specify)
[] Altering Elven developmental processes
    () Changing the maturation/aging of Elves
[] Altering Elven physiology (specify)
[] Altering Elven psychology (specify)


[] Creating new, unlisted races of Elves
[] Creating new Elven dwelling places
[] Creating new Elven artifacts where old ones would be sufficient
[] Mangling Elven theology and metaphysics
[] Writing bad slash
[] Writing a Mary Sue
[] Mating an Elf with some imrobable creature, such as a Nazgûl (specify)
[] Anything else The Poison Ivy finds especially annoying (specify)
(c) Hellga, 2003
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